by Cindy McManus

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June 26, 2013

Location: community@artworksformilwaukee.org

Email: community@artworksformilwaukee.org

Link: http://www.artworksformilwaukee.org

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Apprentice artists collaborate and organize to celebrate communities that care.
Over the course of eight weeks under the guidance of lead artist Brittany Miller, apprentice artists will take on the role of artists, activists, and researchers as they collaborate, strategize, organize, and publicize an art piece that aims to celebrate communities that care.
Brittany is a graduate of Alverno College and MIAD and has worked in a variety of Milwaukee art venues including the Wisconsin Early Autism Project and Downtown Montessori Academy.
Through a program called "ArtWorks for Milwaukee", in collaboration with Safe & Sound, eight young artist will be working together to create an art piece that illustrates the vibrancy and potential of united citizens and stakeholders working together to build a brighter future for our city.
ArtWorks is a program that exclusively targets teens in Milwaukee and helps them build a genuine work ethic and develop the identified skills necessary to succeed no matter what career they choose to pursue.
“Communities That Care” is a project that celebrates homeowners, renters, business owners, or community organizations that care about the quality and safety of their neighborhoods.
ArtWorks is asking for community support and participation in our project. To participate, we are requesting pictures of homes, businesses, and community spaces as a symbol of their promise to support our pledge.

Are you a business owner, renter, home owner or community organization that cares about the quality and safety of your neighborhood?
If you are willing to pledge to:
…Work with your community to report suspicious
activity to keep your home and family safe.

…Support community recreation programs, volunteer and assist others.

…Advocate for strong schools with committed teachers and positive
learning environments in your own neighborhood.

…Make a solid effort to get to know your neighbors and respect the values
of all individuals present in your community.

…Welcome responsible business owners and increased
access to community resources.

…Engage in positive behavior that promotes non-violence, approach conflict
calmly and justly and not contribute to the weapons, drugs, and
alcohol present in my neighborhood.

…Then we invite you to participate in our project by sending us a photo of your home in lieu of a signature.

Please send photographs as a jpeg to: community@artworksformilwaukee.org.

You can track our progress at www.artworksformilwaukee.org

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