Yovani Gallardo's opening day struggles continue, but that isn't an indicator of how he'll perform during the season. Here's a list of Milwaukee's opening day starters of the past 20 years and how they and the team faired the rest of the season. Read more »
Kyle Lohse joins the Milwaukee Brewers coming off a career year with division rival St. Louis. Read more »
The Brewers are facing some early adversity in spring training. Mat Gamel is down with a season ending injury, Kyle Lohse is on the peripheral as an option for the rotation and Ryan Braun is dealing with his own issues. Read more »
The Milwaukee Bucks are a little over the halfway point in the season. So, how can we gauge this team thus far? Read more »
The Super Bowl has come and gone, Donald Driver retires and Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers present an award together. Read more »
Talented youth, very little experience; that is an accurate description of the Brewers starting rotation heading into spring training. Read more »
Aaron Rodgers leadership has been indispensable on the field, but is he lacking in that department off the field? Read more »


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