Two Dogs Dining - The Future of Media?


by Brian Hoffmeier

Do you ever sit down to have dinner with your pets? These two dogs look to be enjoying a good meal in a very civilized way. WHAT!

My question to you is how in the heck do these You Tube publishers come up with this stuff. Are they creative geniuses, happy accidents, or is their mind clouded with artificial substances?

I think all of the above apply but what ever the process they're turning out some great stuff with little to no production costs and getting it in front of millions of people. This stuff has even become a full time job for some people.

Could this be the future of media? Will we some day gather the family around and watch web videos instead of network programing? I don't think just yet, but I can say that I have gathered my family around at times to watch web videos. I mean some of this stuff is just hilarious and the creativity could only come from someone at home with way to much time on their hands. Hollywood would never be able to come up with this level of out of the box entertainment that is so simple but yet so entertaining. Enjoy.

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