Caught on Google Cam! You?


by Brian Hoffmeier

Ok lets start out with the basics. If any one is not familiar with Google Street View in a nut shell they drive around the world with these camera equipt cars taking photos at street level alowing users of Google maps to see the exact building or location they are searching for.

The technoligy has really changed the way we use maps. Not only can you now see a map view & satalite view, but now you can see a photo of exactly what you are looking for. Let me just say it is much easier to drive down a street and know exactly what you are looking for and what it looks like rather than trying to drive and read addresses.


In some cases the cameras capture more then they were looking for, maybe even you.

It is Google's policy to blur out faces and not intentionally put people out there, but it does happen and now has become somewhat of a game for people to try and become imortalized as part of a google map.

Here are some well documented Street view photos that can be found inside Google maps.

I you want to try and find a Google car in your area and imortalize yourself check this link below

Or if you want to take a look at some other crazy photos caught on Google cam check out this link

If anyone finds some funny Google images from the wisconsin area send them to me and I willpost them on the site. Enjoy

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