OPINION: Trading Gallardo not a smart move


by Andrew Coughlin

The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching.

I know we've all heard the rumblings and rumors about starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo possibly being on the trading block.  Unless GM Doug Melvin gets an unbelievable offer consisting of two sure-fire young pitching prospects, I think moving him would be a terrible mistake.

Gallardo is one of the best home grown pitchers the Milwaukee Brewers have ever had.  Sentimentality is very much not a reason to keep him, but the consistent numbers he's put up each season is. 

Since 2009, Gallardo has averaged 32 starts, 15 wins, 195 IP, 204 SO and a 3.69 ERA.  His WHIP tends to be a little high each season, but those numbers above more than make up for it.

Gallardo signed a 5 year/$30 million contract back in 2010.  He's under team control for the rest of 2013, all of 2014 and has a team option for 2015.  If ever there were a team friendly contract for the Brewers, this is certainly it.  Since signing it, Gallardo has had 14, 17 and 16 wins and has never finished a year with an ERA above 3.84.

The team went through this process last season when they knew Zack Greinke would test the free agent waters.  He was a trade deadline prize for playoff contending ball-clubs and teams knew they were renting him for a few months.  The Brewers knew they weren't in a very good position to lock him up and needed to get something in return for him because they traded a group of very good young prospects to get him. 

I know Gallardo's situation has been likened to Greinke's, but this is a different scenario. 

Milwaukee has Gallardo tied up for two plus years.  There is no pressing need to "get something" for him.  So, if the club wants to revisit this topic again when the 2015 trade deadline approaches and they're as bad as they are right now, then be my guest.  The Brewers well know that good pitching is a premium every year.  Best to keep what you have now, than to have regrets later on.

The relief pitchers the Brewers have are a different story.  If a contending team is desperate enough to give up some nice prospects for Francisco Rodriguez or Mike Gonzalez, then be my guest. 

Giving up John Axford or Jim Henderson would fall under the same category as trading Gallardo.  Both are good arms under team control for many years.

Please Brewers, keep Gallardo! He may not be a legit number one ace, but since when did keeping a pitcher that's not an ace become a crime?


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