The World Shin-Kicking Championships: Only in the U.K.


by Andrew Coughlin

The Shin-Kicking World Championships are held in Gloucestershire, England at the Cotswold Olimpick Games.  They've been held, on and off, for over 400 years now.  Other events include the wheelbarrow race, the sack race and the tug-of-war.  The Shin-Kicking Championships is by far the favorite event.

I don't even know where to begin or end on this topic, but leave it to our British cousins to come up with something like this competition.  Click on the video above and try not to cringe with every kick.  I know I did.  It looks painful and I would not have lasted two kicks in that tournament.


This years' winner: Zac Warren, a stonemason from Pershaw, England.

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