The Ndamukong Suh Project


by Andrew Coughlin

With Ndamukong Suh's actions on Thanksgiving, come a likely 2-game plus suspension.  Not only did Suh's aweful behavoir hurt his team that day, but now it's spilt over into 2 or 3 crucial regular season games.  The Detroit Lions are on the verge of a potential playoff run and now one of their best players will have to watch from the sidelines. 

As much of a jerk move the "stomp" to Guard Evan Dietrich-Smith was, as well as the attempted decapitization of two or three QBs from around the league, football fans have to agree that the guy is pretty darn good; he's a star and a difference maker for his team. 

Apart from his lame attempt at excusing his behavoir after the game and his sketchy attitude on the field Suh seems like an intelligent, well-spoken young man.  His transformation on the field is almost scary; the man's down right nasty once the game starts.  I know what fans would say, "Why would you want a polite DT on the field?  Our team needs him to have that meanstreak in him."  That is one hundred percent true, but it's up to the coaches and Suh himself to be able to control and harness that agressiveness and turn it into a constructive "wrecking machine" havoc he should be bringing every game to opposing offenses.  Which Suh does. 

Although, he's losing it on a mental level and hurting his team and teammates on a whole other level.  Instead of talking about the Lions' recent and well deserved sucess, we're talking about Suh's idiotic behavoir and how he, the team and the NFL should handle it.

We all know Suh is responsible for his own actions,nevertheless I cannot help but put some of the blame on the man in charge, Jim Schwartz.  Don't get me wrong, Schwartz has turned out to be a fine Head Coach for this young, inexperienced Detroit team.  He has that edge that fans love to see regardless of a Lions' win or a loss.  He seems annoyingly unhappy even when the Lions get a win. 

However, it seems as if his players feed off of their coaches behavoir in a negative way, most notably Suh.  Suh had to have a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell to discuss the "inappropriate style" of play that he is becoming known for around the league.  Either before or after that discussion, Schwartz should have sat Suh down and made clear to him that he, as Head Coach, will not tolerate dumb, bone-headed outbursts on the field.

Who knows? Maybe Schwartz did have that conversation with him, but if that's the case he clearly has not gotten through to him and maybe the Lions need someone else to take over the reigns on that team, because they are talented and young and Ndamukong Suh is going to be a force within the NFC North Division for a long time.  And the Detroit Lions with him.


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