Flynn's Last Time for Playing Time?


by Andrew Coughlin

God forbid an injury to QB Aaron Rodgers, but if that does not happen this week's game against the Detroit Lions will be the last time we see backup QB Matt Flynn playing in a game as a Green Bay Packer.

We could see a resurgence of the days-of-old when Green Bay was churning out Brett Favre backups into full fledged starters for other teams like a Model T assembly line.

Ty Detmer, Mark Brunell, Kurt Warner, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck, even Doug Peterson started for a couple of other teams at one point and we all forget that Aaron Rodgers was a backup for three years. My point is: this could be the start of what once was for an organization that developed and shared quality QBs with the rest of the league.

Matt Flynn could be a quality starter in this league, he just needs the opportunity to show what he can do as a fulltime starter.

A seventh round pick out of LSU four years ago, Flynn will be an unrestricted free agent this next offseason. If all goes well for him he could garner lots of attention in the market and go to a team looking for a fresh start at QB (Miami, Jacksonville and Washington just to name a few).

Don't be suprised if you see Rodgers sit on the bench after the first quarter. The game will be a showcase of sorts, displaying Flynn to prospective suitors. If he plays well and shows he is capable of leading an offense, Flynn should be a starter in 2012.

Chatter was heard when Flynn started and almost led the Packers to a victory against the New England Patriots. My guess would be that Thompson didn't get an offer that he liked last offseason and maybe didn't feel totally confident with Harrell moving up in case of injury.

In short, good luck Matt, this could be a monumental opportunity for you to showcase your skills in what will otherwise be a meaningless game in terms of the overall season for the Packers.

Matt Flynn 2010 Stats

@ Detroit 15/26 for 177 yds, 0TDs, 1Int in just over 1 half of play

@ New England 24/37 for 251 yds, 3TDs, 1Int in a full game as a starter

Green Bay lost both those games 3 - 7 and 27 - 31 respectively.


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