ESPN Should Stay Quiet, For Now


by Andrew Coughlin

Ryan Braun won his appeal not 24 hours ago. Doesn't it feel like everyone is reporting that he didn't?

I shouldn't say everyone, I mean to say ESPN.

You think they would've learned from the first time they reported this story that they should sit back and wait until all the facts come out before they report something.

I get it, they have a journalistic responsibility to report on the facts that they are presented with, but they're the ones that leaked this story prematurely about Braun's test in the first place. When it wasn't supposed to be leaked at all and no one in the public would be talking about what this will do to Braun's legacy.

We haven't heard from Ryan yet and I know he's been patiently waiting to defend himself. And we haven't even heard from the independent arbitrator, Shyam Das, who listened to both sides of the argument and came to this conclusion.

Until we hear from all parties involved, I think we should reserve judgement. I'm sorry, what I mean to say was: Until we hear from all parties involved, I think ESPN should just sit down somewhere and not report on this with incomplete facts like they so carelessly did the first time.

"Allegedly" is a good word to use when someone hasn't been proven guilty yet and I suggest the good people at ESPN learn it.


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