Brewers: News and Notes


by Andrew Coughlin

The next week or two should be an interesting time for Brewers' fans. I wouldn't be surprised if Prince Fielder signs with a team within the next couple of weeks. We should know more details regarding the Ryan Braun situation and then the domino will fall with the pursuit of Japanese star Norichika Aoki.

The news out of the Boras camp is that the Washington Nationals have taken the lead in the Fielder sweepstakes. It's hard for me to imagine Prince going there because 1). They're so bad, yet up-and-coming and 2). If they pay Fielder in the $20 plus million/year range they will have two and then possibly three players committed to that kind of salary after 2013. OF Jason Werth will make $20 plus million/year after the 2013 season. If they wish to keep Ryan Zimmerman, one of the best offensive and defensive 3rd basemen in the MLB, they'll have to extend his contract. It'd be foolish not to try and extend him because productive 3rd basemen are very few and far between. He becomes a free agent after the 2013 season and for Washington to have three $20 plus million/year players would be very extravagant for a team like the Nationals (not for the Yankees or the Red Sox).

I still see the Mariners signing Fielder. They would be able to offer the most money as GM Jack Zduriencik has cleared enough off his books to obtain the high profile slugger.

Ryan Braun's appeal results should be know in the coming weeks. There are rumblings that he will lose the appeal and have to serve the 50 game suspension.

The only way the violation would be repealed is if there was something wrong with the test or if the Brewers signed off on any medication Braun was taking for any personal ailment he was treating. Neither is likely to happen so a suspension is inevitable.

This leaves the door wide open for the signing of OF Aoki. I'm sure GM Doug Melvin will hear about Braun before the public does, so if Aoki does indeed get signed, then it's safe to assume Braun's appeal failed.


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