Badgers, Spoiled Fans will Miss Back-to-Back Rose Bowls


by Andrew Coughlin


Wisconsinites.  Sports fans all over the state and across the country; we were spoiled like crazy in 2011.  Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl title, Milwaukee Brewers: Central Division Champs and NLCS appearance; Milwaukee Bucks: lockout; Marquette and UW making the NCAA tournament; Wisconsin Badgers football: back-to-back Rose Bowl appearances and two losses.

It's been a good year for a sports fan in 2011.  I'm afraid the Wisconsin Badgers football team will be in for the long haul in 2012 and beyond when it comes to making it to another quality bowl game.

The coaching staff, which has been so good since Barry Alvarez has passed on his coaching duties to Brett Bielema, will be dismantled.

Former UW Offensive Coordinator and new Head Coach at the university of Pittsburgh, Paul Chryst, will be taking a few of these coaches with him; promoting them and rightly so.  With a program that sustains success for this long comes the time when a branch off is not only eminent, but a neccessary one.

 I've never been a big fan of Bielema.  I think he's always had a great supporting cast around him, led by Chryst, whose responsibility was always the offensive play calling.  Defensive Coordinator Chris Ash and Assiciate head coach Charlie Partridge have also been big influences for Bielema.  

So who will Chryst take with him?  It will be interesting to see, but we do know this, Bielema will have his hands full trying to replace his long time Offensive Coordinator and whom ever he takes to Pittsburgh

Beliema's responsibility this year and last has been to manage the football game.  With the example of his game management (just awful)in the 2012 Rose Bowl, its safe to assume that he will be in over his head next year and without Chryst by his side, possibly exposed as well.

In summation: it's going to be a long time 'til the Badgers get back to another Rose Bowl under Brett Bielema.  Good luck Paul Chryst, there is no one more sorry to see you go than I.


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