Remembering My First Love


by Ken Brzezinski

I’d like to start this blog off with a band that I grew up listening to here in Milwaukee. I was turned onto them back when I was 18 or 19 and I became a fanatic follower. Spirit Creek the brainchild of local musician Doug Shea, was a mainstay in the local and even national music scene for the better part of a decade.
As the “house” band for The Rave here in Milwaukee for most of that time…Spirit Creek got a great chance to play with some of the biggest names in mainstream rock at the time including Creed, Nickelback, Staind, 3 Doors Down, and Bush. Along with these shows came a lot of exposure to their perfectly crafted brand of mainstream rock. The band had been on the verge of major success a handful of times…but alas it wasn’t in the cards for the Milwaukee music veterans. However, despite all of the ups and downs, the lineup changes, and personal issues of the band members; one thing remained…the music. The songs were carefully crafted pieces of pop rock mastery…combining infectious guitar riffs, inspirational lyrics, and the soaring throaty vocals of lead singer/song writer Doug Shea. The music was personally a huge inspiration and I can remember hearing the same sentiment from many of the bands loyal fans.
Sadly the band never gained the traction they could have and the members all went their separate ways. Doug continues to record music and has become a music minister…doing pretty much what he did with Spirit Creek…using the power of music to help and heal. I’d like to direct you to the band’s former youtube page with all of their music on it…but unfortunately the band peaked long before everyone with a guitar and a crappy mic was uploading their stuff to youtube. I was, however, able to find these few songs….so sit back and enjoy Spirit Creek here in the Local Limelight.

This first song might be their best crafted piece of music. “Rise” originally started off as one song and turned into this epic sounding song. The live version, while good, hardly does the song justice….

“Call The Rain” came along for me at the perfect time when I was young. It was almost cathartic listening to this song at times….

Finally we come to “Shadow Dancer”. It was one of the last songs written by Spirit Creek that I really attached to. Kind of ironic considering the band would sadly dissolve into a shadow…but I’ll never forget them and what they did.

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