10 Minutes with Duddy from the Dirty Heads


by Ken Brzezinski

The Dirty Heads are back with a vengeance….well as much vengeance as a happy go lucky Sublime meets 311 mixed with a high dose of modern ska flare can have that is. After their critically acclaimed debut Any Port In A Storm cracked the top 20 on numerous charts the world over…The Heads released their sophomore debut Cabin By The Sea. Now touring with Matisyahu in support of the new album, they are set to stop at The Rave on August 8th. I spoke to lead singer/guitarist Duddy B about his experiences here in Milwaukee playing at Summerfest, the historic Rave, and of course the new album as well as what he thinks of his at times very vocal critics….

LL: I’m here with Duddy B, Duddy how are you doing today?
DB: I’m great man thanks for having me….

LL: The first thing I wanted to ask you is how are the crowds responding to your new material from Cabin By The Sea?
DB: Great, you know that’s kind of one of the ways we were going to gauge the new material was on how the crowd would react when we’d play anew song versus an old song and I feel like every time we get into a new song the crowd seems to be really into it, dancing along, singing along so that’s always a good sign.

LL: How does Cabin By The Sea compare to Any Port In A Storm?
DB: I think it’s a more mature album, more like a piece of work compared to the first one. Like, don’t get me wrong I love Any Port In A Storm but like each song was just itself. Each song was what it was, we didn’t have goal in mind for what we wanted to do for “an album”, it was just song based we were doing songs. With Cabin By The Sea I think it’s more cohesive and we’ve figured ourselves out. We’ve really matured as musicians and I think that shows on the album and I think that’s why it’s going over so well.

LL: So you’ve had the chance to play some of Milwaukee’s most historic venues, Summerfest, The Rave, what did you hear about playing here before you came? Any preconceived notions?
DB: I had heard it was really hot at The Rave. The first time we were there, I think we were with Sublime with Rome and it was just so hot. It was hot outside and it was so hot inside…I do remember that!

LL: I see you’ve been here in the early Winter and the late Fall. Have you had the pleasure of dealing with the cold here in Wisconsin?
DB: No *laughs* no, we’ve dealt with some freezing cold places but we haven’t had that experience there in Wisconsin.

LL: Now I know you guys do a lot of touring with bands like Sublime with Rome, 311, and the like, and it makes it really easy for your critics to pigeon-hole you….
DB: You know I think we’re always gonna get that “Well hey you guys kinda sound like Sublime”. And I think that any band that has skanks in their music people go “well hey you sound like Sublime”. Yes, do we have influences from Sublime? Yes. Do we have influences from the Beastie Boys? Yes. There’s bands that you can tell that we were influences by…but I don’t think we ripped them off in any way and I think we’ve really created our own style.

LL: What do you think of those people? Do you read all the haters say on the internet or do you just kinda try and stay away from that?
DB: *laughing* No man I love that stuff! That’s the greatest part of my morning is waking up and reading what people say about us on the internet, because that hate (stuff) is just hilarious. And it’s like, I think if you’re getting hated on you’ve obviously doing something right.

LL: That sounds like a great place to end it, so we’ll wrap it up there, anything you want to say to the fans in Milwaukee?
DB: Just thanks for coming out to the shows and thanks for supporting us.

Cabin By The Sea featuring a dizzying array of guest musicians is in stores and on I-Tunes or at their website www.dirtyheads.com/ now..and catch The Dirty Heads and Matisyahu at the Rave on August 8th. Call 414-342-RAVE or go to www.therave.com

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