Is it my Vitamin D?


by Jennifer Tomazic

Something is making this January much more tolerable than in years past.

Oh wait. Could it be the fact that temperatures have been above normal 18 of the last 26 days?? (Thanks, Lance)

I think so.

While I usually dread taking the dog outside in the winter, not only because it's so cold but because it takes extra time to bundle him up too, I haven't minded at all.

We're used to seeing a blanket of white in January, but on some streets, there is more green than white on the landscape.

Being a skier, I do enjoy the snow but also being a runner, I appreciate the warmer temperatures.

So, is it the vitamin D supplements (which I'm totally for) or the bearable temperatures? Probably a little bit of both. In either case, I'm all for an abnormal Wisconsin winter.

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