Bracket secrets revealed


by Jennifer Tomazic

Which dog is superior: a husky or a terrier?  Husky.

That’s why I think the UCONN Huskies will beat the Wofford Terriers in the NCAA Championship game.  And that’s who I picked to win in my experimental bracket.

I’m being the “ultimate woman” in my choices.  I can’t tell you how many guys think women make their bracket pics based on which mascot they like.  I’ve been accused of picking “cute numbers” to win at roulette, but that statement is false.  I’ve never picked my March Madness bracket based on cute mascots (I actually try to do some research), but I thought, what the heck-its what guys think I do anyhow.  Maybe it will actually work. 

I actually started by picking teams in the first round that I knew their nicknames.  If I knew both nicknames (which sometimes are also the mascots) or neither I picked which mascot I liked better.  For the rest of the rounds I picked which mascot I liked best.


I apparently like animals and inanimate objects to humans.  I picked Kentucky over West Virginia because I like cats.  I picked Syracuse over Xavier because I like oranges. But in the end, it was a battle of a dog versus a buckeye…and the dog won.  Georgia is my final four pick.

Uga the Georgia Bulldog


I’d much rather meet a coon hound than a blue devil-Tennessee over Duke.  While I love all animals, when it comes to dogs versus cats, I pick dogs-UCONN Huskies over Cincinnati Bearcats.  Dog versus dog-Husky wins.  UCONN is my final four and champion pick.

Jonathan the UCONN Husky


I’m a lover, not a fighter.  Did I mention I like animals? Two reasons why I picked Akron over Notre Dame.  Seeing as though Illinois doesn’t really have a mascot (the university retired their former mascot, Chief Illiniwek) I didn’t pick them.  But again, dogs rule the roost for me-Georgetown is my final four pick.

Jack the Georgetown Bulldog


Any way you look at it, I’m going to pick a dog.  Therefore, UNC-Asheville beats out Pitt.  And a terrier will beat a bulldog in my eyes (I’ve come to find out there are a lot of teams with a bulldog for a mascot) so Wofford Terriers beat Butler Bulldogs, so Wofford is in my final four.

Blitz II the Wofford Terrier

 So, laugh all you want-I have a three, six, ten, and 14 seed in my final four.  At least Huskies are my favorites of the three dogs in it, and they’re the number three, so hopefully that redeems my picks a little bit.

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