Confessions Of A TV Junkie

Me TV is one of six stations we operate here at CBS 58 and it’s definitely one of my favorites…sorry Telemundo. I’ve inherited my mother’s love of Mary Tyler Moore and I Love Lucy and I never miss an episode of The Odd Couple. I got the chance to meet the show’s creator Garry Marshall a few years ago and the first thing out of my mouth was “Oh my god I love the Odd Couple!” His reply? “Jesus kid, how old ARE you?”

Another favorite of mine are 70’s cop dramas. At any given time there’s a surplus of Kojak and Hawaii 5-0 episodes on my DVR.  The pilot for the new Hawaii 5-0 has been sitting on my desk for weeks. The clips I’ve seen so far look pretty good, but something tells me it won’t have the swagger, machismo and voluminous afros the original had.

In addition to the widly popular PSA Theatre, I’m launching a new feature I’m calling “My Me TV Wish List” where I’ll blog about all the classic shows I want to see hit the Me TV airwaves.  First on my list, a verrrry interesting 60’s variety show that featured a lot of go-go dancing, body paint and insightful social commentary. 

What shows would YOU like to see on Me TV? 

Mary Tyler Moore, I Love Lucy, The Odd Couple, Kojak and Hawaii 5-0 can all be seen on Me TV. 

The new Hawaii 5-0 debuts on CBS 58 Monday, September 20th at 9pm.

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