Wednesday's to-do list


by Katie Konrad

There aren’t a ton of shows I watch in the summer, but most of them seem to be on Wednesday night. Though, with the start of Project Runway and Jersey Shore, Thursdays are coming in a close second. Come Wednesday night, my DVR is like a massive ‘To Do’ list I feel compelled to conquer. Things on my real To Do list? Paying bills, working out and finishing the last 100 pages of my book for tomorrow’s book club meeting. Yeah, I read…stop laughing.

By the end of the evening my DVR will have amassed the following:

7:00 Big Brother: Has this not been one of the most annoying seasons ever? How do Rachael and Brendon keep winning everything? Oh, and Rachel, just because they let you stir the hot sauce at Hooters, that doesn’t make you a chemist.

8:00 Top Chef: Half the time I have no idea what they’re making, but I bet they could do wonders with the contents of my fridge: Gatorade, string cheese and moldy bagels. And for those of you keeping score, Alex totally stole Ed’s pea puree last week.

8:00 Man Vs. Food: I totally have a crush on host Adam Richman. Richman travels all over the country taking on different restaurant’s eating challenges. Sometimes it’s super hot and spicy foods, other times it’s sheer quantities. He makes the meat sweats look absolutely adorable! This week’s challenge is 29 pieces of catfish and a vat of cole slaw. Ironically, it’s during this show I feel the need to exercise, so I did some bicep curls with my epic 10 pound weights. I rule!

9:00 Work Of Art: It’s like Project Runway for artists! Having graduated from film school, there’s nothing I enjoy more than making fun of pretentious artists. I made the mistake of telling my mom to watch the week the theme was ‘shock art.’ A plethora of bodily fluids made their way onto the canvas that night and I’m fairly certain she’s hasn’t watched it since.

9:00 Real World: I haven’t watched The Real World in years, but for some reason I’ve been enthralled by this season’s cast of whores and psychopaths. Apparently the kid who keeps hooking up with the hillbilly roommate is from Milwaukee. Way to represent.

I also have four episodes of The Odd Couple (weekends on Me TV!) backlogged that will just have to wait. Sorry Oscar and Felix. Plus, it’s Shark Week! I’m currently missing something called “Ultimate Air Jaws.” I have no idea what that is, but I’m pretty sure it’s awesome.

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