Will Spin Milwaukee now become "cool" thanks to the Kardashians?


by Tom Durian

So I realize by writing this I am going to get loads of grief from some people for even watching the Kardashian reality shows... but hey... they are Armenian... and so am I... they live in Calabasas... and I went to school there, so give me a break and take a second to hear what I have to say.

If you watched this week's episode of Kim and Kourtney take New York on the E Network, you saw Kim and her now separated husband Kris Humphries take some time out and head to the Ping Pong Club "Spin - New York" with some friends for a "date."

If you didn't know we have a "Spin - Milwaukee." It's in the Third Ward on Chicago Street. Described on the company's website as "SPiN Galactic, is a galaxy of ping-pong social clubs...and by ping-pong social club, we simply mean a place to hang out with your old friends, meet new friends and play ping-pong while sipping a cocktail, or eating a snack, or perhaps watching a professional ping-pong match on SPiN's center court."

I'll admit when I moved here and didn't really know anyone. I took a walk through Milwaukee's Third Ward on a Saturday night and stumbled across the spot. From the outside I thought, "well this looks like a cool night club or lounge, I'll check it out." It sounded like a club, had pulsating lights like a club and the people going in and out were dressed like they were going out for the night. So I went in and to my surprise everyone was playing ping pong... I remember texting a friend and saying "I came into a bar and people are playing ping pong... only in Milwaukee... but this place is actually happening and pretty busy with a cool bar..."  But I've lived here more than 7 months now and not once has someone said "let's go to Spin." 

So I'm wondering if now that it's been on the show will people flock to check it out? Could Kim's two minutes of press make people want to play ping pong while they have a drink.... I'll admit, it reminded me Spin is there and that I've wanted to head in and play a round of ping pong... OK in all honestly I'd like to go in and watch other people play... I don't think I'm that coordinated. My bed time is 8 p.m. so I'll have to stop by this weekend and see if there is now a line to get in. It's pretty cool we have one... there are only two others, both in much bigger cities. New York and Toronto.

Have you ever been? Did you have fun? Let me know and maybe we can meet up for a game of ping pong!

See you in the Morning.




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