Whitney, too much coverage? What do you think?


by Tom Durian

I’m not sure about all of you, but I grew up listening to Whitney Houston. For many people between the ages of 25 and 35, she along with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and the like is the soundtrack to our lives.

Shortly after “The Bodyguard” came out, I saw Whitney Houston in concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA. I remember how powerful her voice was, and filled with so much feeling. No doubt a byproduct of her upbringing singing in the church.

So I was wondering if you think all this coverage is too much? Now, it pales in comparison to the Michael Jackson coverage from 2009 but there still is a lot of Whitney out there.

On Monday, two days after her death, the story led all three network morning shows. Most spent a good part of their first segment on it. It’s interesting to me to see how fast the networks were able to scramble together coverage.

Sunday, the producers of the Grammy’s on CBS made last minute changes. NBC had a great hour of their Dateline program dedicated to Houston.

One thing I did find interesting… this is the age of Twitter. I can say that I learned of both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston’s death on the social media tool. I watched as the tweets flew through cyberspace and the topic started to trend.

So here in cyberspace I ask you to leave a comment. Too much Whitney, just enough, or not enough?

Let me know. As always I appreciate your feedback.

See you in the Morning,



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