Two Things That Made Brewers and Packer's Fans Smile


by Andrew Coughlin

If you are a Brewers or Packer's fan, you're probably still grinning about the events of Monday night. 

First, the St. Louis Cardnals.  Central division foe and 2011 World Series Champion that ousted our beloved Brewers from the playoffs last year, not only gave up a 3-1 series lead, but were eliminated 9-0 by the Giants Monday night in San Francisco.  That's not what Brewers fans should be snickering about. 

I'm talking about San Francisco's retaliatory plunking of Matt Holliday.  What was going to be a long flight back to Missouri anyway, got even longer for Holiday and the whole ballclub.  Not only were the Giants putting on a mondo beat down of the Cards, but they rubbed their nose in it while sending them back home.  St. Louis was already limping their way out of town when the Giants threw the proverbial 90 MPH, salt-ball right into the side of the Cardinals festering wound.

I loved it!

Of course, the play that led to all of this was the hard take-out slide Holliday put on eventual NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro in Game 1.  There was no ill intent on behalf of Holliday.  He wasn't trying to hurt Scutaro on purpose, but it was a hard baseball play and you knew Holliday was going to get drilled.  It was only a matter of when it would happen, because, let's face it, it's the NLCS and when does a team sacrifice winning for old, unwritten baseball rules?  

Some baseball fans might say that it was tasteless and not neccessary because the Giants were up by so much anyways.  I say, it couldn't have been a more perfect time to do it than being up 7-0 in the 6th inning of an elimination Game 7.  

I was lapping it all up when it happened because: 1). I simply was not expecting it and 2). it's the Cardnals.  We all know had they been in that position they would've done it too, but in a much more condescending manner.  

The only thing I would have loved more is if Tony LaRussa had been standing in that dugout instead of Mike Matheney.

We should give St. Louis their due credit because they didn't fuss about it.  Holliday didn't raise all hell when he got hit.  He took it like a pro and walked to first base.  St. Louis took their massive butt kicking like men.  BUT MAN WAS IT GREAT TO SEE IT!

Second, did you see the sack Ndamukong Suh had on Jay Cutler?  All I will say about that hit is: Crunch!  

For a split second I thought Suh broke the entire right side of Cutler's body.  That's how bad that hit looked when it first happened in real time.  Then I slowed it up and watched it again and it looked even better.  And if you go frame-by-frame, Cutler looks as if he thinks he can get away from Suh and make a play.  Then Suh's bear paw/hand grabs Cutler and he MMA body slams him into the ground.

A lot of people are calling this a dirty hit.  I disagree.  I think this was a very solid football play that happened to be a bit rough because of how the play developed.

What do you think?  Was Suh being malicious and dirty or was it a clean football play?
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