Top 5 Baseball Movies of all Time


by Andrew Coughlin

With spring training in full force it reminded me of some of my all time favorite baseball movies.  The other day a friend and I tried narrowing down our top five and it proved to be much more difficult than our initial first thought.  We both kept remembering such good ones and replacing and re-working our lists.


I challenge all of you to come up with your own top five baseball movies of all time.  If you are a fan of America's pasttime, then I promise you this will be a lot tougher than you might think.

The Sports Pagoda's Top Five Baseball Movies

1. The Sandlot

2. A League of Their Own

3. Major League

4. The Natural

5. Field of Dreams

*Honorable Mention: Mr. Baseball; Bull Durham; 61; Eight Men Out; Rookie of the Year; Damn Yankees!

It'd be great to see some of the movies that made your lists.  Feel free to agree or bash the ones that made my list.


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