This is summer, allegedly... and Polish Fest


by Tom Durian

So this is summer... and Polish Fest

Is this summer in the Midwest? Fellow newsies in the building here have blamed me for bringing the weather with me from the Northwest. I checked back, they still have rainy, wet and cool weather in Seattle, Portland and Spokane. Well, I've been assured by Meteorologist Lance Hill that this isn't too far off of normal and here's why. It may feel like it's been colder and wetter than normal, but we actually average out to be on par for normal. For example, we've had 3 days in the 90s and 3 days in the 50s this month so far. So when you do all the math (which I don't do...) we are only .5 degrees below normal and our rain totals are actually .71 below where we normally are for the month.

So what's up, why does it feel like it's still early spring, despite the fact we hit summer officially tomorrow? Here in the Midwest, we are in a weak El Nino-type weather pattern, according to the people on the other side of the cubicle (the weather dudes). For us, that means a cooler and wetter summer, so settle in for it.

I did get a chance to go to my first of the festivals here in Milwaukee this weekend. My friend and Milwaukee tour guide Jennifer Tomazic, myself and a few others checked out the Polish Festival on Saturday. The weather was actually perfect for walking around, warm enough to wear shorts and flip flops and just enough cloud cover to shade you from the blazing sun. Now with all that time there, you'd think I'd get a chance to eat some of the food. A polish sausage should have been in the cars, but we didn't get any. I'll have to save the sausage-eating for other festivals or possibly a Brewer game.

Enjoy the rain, it's around for much of the week.

-Tom Durian


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