The Woman in Black

"I will never forgive."


by Britni McDonald

It had all the cliché elements-- constant overcast skies, a cryptic small town, creepy old house, and the looming mysterious ghost, or in this case, “woman in black”… even a grown up Harry Potter! Although cliché… and weird that Harry Potter’s in it… I have to admit I really had hope for this one. But as I’ve always said, the horror genre is the easiest one to go wrong. There’s always that fine line between genuinely horrifying and delightfully hilarious. Unfortunately, it seems to more commonly be the latter.

This one just turned out flat. It didn’t even offer up more than a couple of laughs. As for the horrifying factor, it was pretty non-existetnt, without even the go-to “make the audience jump” element that at least provides a thrill.

But probably the most disappointing part is how flat the story line was. A scorned ghost terrorizes the locals... Ok, so why don't any of these people move?! The whole time I was thinking there must be a crazy twist coming at the end to make up for the lackluster story, and then the conclusion was the most unsatisfying of all.

But before I give away too much, let me ask the obvious question-- What’s Harry Potter doing in this movie? I understand Daniel Radcliffe must continue his career and establish himself in other roles, but I’m not sure if this was the one to do it. In the beginning of the film, he’s established as the father of a young boy. That alone was weird. I think many viewers would agree their thought was the same as mine-- “Harry Potter’s a father?!” Although he’s obviously grown up, the image of a young nerdy boy whipping around a wand and casting spells is hard to dismiss and, frankly, more appealing. There was nothing stand out about his performance.

Overall, not a terrible choice for a Friday night rental. I wonder how many 'Ehry Pottah fans will go see it simply for him. That definitely wasn't my reason.

On a side note to my fellow scary movie lovers-- If you really want a horrifying experience, check out Insidious. Best scary movie I’ve seen in a long time or maybe ever. What’s your favorite?


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