Packers: Injuries Reminiscent of 2010


by Andrew Coughlin

The Packers' win over division rival Detroit wasn't pretty, but mark it in the win column just the same. Pretty or ugly, the Packers are overcoming some key injuries while still winning games; remind you of a few years ago?

Everyone within the Packers' organization knows that injuries are simply just a facet of the NFL.  From players to coaches to management, they realize with the long season players are going to go down.  We even here the automated response from coaches and players alike when asked about a teammates injury occurs, "Next man up".  The injured reserve list in 2011 wasn't as long as it's beginning to look in 2012, but 2010's list looks eerily similar.

RB Ryan Grant
TE Jermichael Finley
 RT Mark Tauscher
 SS Morgan Burnett
 MLB Nick Barnett
 MLB Brandon Chillar
 OLB Brad Jones
 OLB Brady Poppinga


RB Cedric Benson
WR Greg Jennings
RT Brian Bulaga
CB Sam Shields
SS Charles Woodson
MLB Desmond Bishop
MLB D. J. Smith
OLB Clay Matthews
OLB Nick Perry

The big difference between these two lists is the 2012 Packers will get most of these guys back on the field just in time for their stretch run for the playoffs.  And i'm sure the other 31 teams in the NFL have similar injury lists, but the amount of impact players on this seasons list is still very significant.

It was truly remarkable that the Packers made the playoffs in 2010, having so many of their starters out for the season.  It was also highly improbable for them, or any team for that matter, to overcome so many injuries to such key components of their roster.  "Next man up" became their mantra and they caught fire at the right time on their way to a Super Bowl Title.

The odds of doing something like that again would be pretty slim so Packer fans should rejoice that Bulaga, Jennings, Matthews, Woodson and a few others are on the road back to recovery.



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