Have you seen the doughnut peach?


by Jennifer Tomazic

As I sit here, finishing my mango nectarine, I'm wondering about another interesting summer fruit that I haven't tried yet-the doughnut peach.

The fuzzy fruit is even sold in a package that looks like doughnut packaging!

Essentially, it's a peach that looks like it's been flattened. It's also called the Saturn peach.

Here's what I've read about it: it's sweeter than other peaches, it's easier to get to off the pit (yes, Brian, it does have one!) and it isn't as fuzzy.

Let me know if you've had one and whether or not it's good!

BTW...the mango nectarine wasn't all I hoped it'd be. It's the size of a plum and supposed to taste like a combination of the two fruits, but I thought it tasted like a regular nectarine.

I'm leaving you with an "Elliptical Fast Song of the Week" as opposed to a "Run Fast Song of the Week" because I've been on the elliptical due to a pulled muscle. Yuck.

Elliptical Fast Song of the Week: "Gonna Get Over You"-Sara Bareilles


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