I'm like the rest of Americans...


by Jennifer Tomazic

...who apparently can't keep their new years resolutions very far into the year. Nonetheless, I'm trying to get back into the blogging grove.

To catch you up, I'm an old married woman now! I married my husband, Jason, in June at a wonderful ceremony and reception with friends and family in Cleveland.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! It's really incredible to see everyone you love in the same room, knowing they're all there to support you. It's a feeling that can't be duplicated. Jason and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Everyone asks "was there anything that didn't go as planned?" And for the most part, I'd have to say no.

A couple funny notes though: apparently when you say the wedding starts at 4 p.m. the priest means it. Lets just say it took longer to lace up my dress than we thought and the priest came knocking on the dressing room door at 4 p.m. pretty adamant that I get out there, whether or not I was ready. That's why it's good to have bridesmaids and a mother who made sure I walked down the isle when I was fully dressed!

Also, my maid of honor almost missed her toast during the reception because she got locked out! She ran out of the ballroom during the best man's toast to grab her notes and when she tried to get back in the doors were locked. Thank goodness my father heard her pounding on the door and let her in. Even then, she wasn't flustered and gave a great toast (guess that's what happens when you're a TV reporter and have to do similar things on a daily basis!)

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