Did you Feel it....? I did.


by Tom Durian

Tuesday's earthquake rattled the ground from D.C. to Milwaukee.

So some people think I'm nuts... I even thought I was nuts at first. But yesterday I was watching coverage of the Libya situation on cable news anchored out of D.C. They all started talking about feeling the earth move under their chairs... No sooner did I process the information, I started to feel a rocking at my place near Downtown Milwaukee and the Lakefront.

Lights started swaying and I heard creaking in the walls I haven't heard in the 4 months I have lived here. Once I realized the quake was centered in Virginia, I texted my brother who works in the heart of D.C. I heard nothing. Then I started thinking... could I have really felt the same quake? Nah! 

He eventually got back to me via email, writing that phones were jammed and texting was spotty at best. At the same time the cable networks were reporting that people in Cleavland had felt the quake... so now I felt a little better. I mean, I'm from Los Angeles and have lived through all the big ones from Whittier, to Northridge, and the Hector Mines quake in 1999.... so I know what an earthquake feels like. Realizing that a 5.8 was no big deal I took my afternoon nap. 

Finally when I got up and watched the 5 o'clock news on CBS 58, I found out that I wasn't nuts. UWM Seismologist Brett Ketter said on the program   "The bedrock that underlies most of the eastern us allows the energy to go large distances... That's why we're getting felt reports even here in Milwaukee".

So there you have it... I am not nuts... at least when it comes to Earthquakes!



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