Change is a comin'


by Tom Durian

Welcome to the new Hope you like it. A word about change. This new and improved website is just one of the many things we are changing here at CBS 58 to make your news easier and faster to receive, while being more informative. Speaking of change… I know I may be new to some of you… and you can check out my bio page here at to find out more about me… but I want to know more about you. More specifically what you would like to see in the morning. We do this program for you the viewer, and what you want is important to us… We’ve been tweaking the format of our morning show to become more accessible to you and to include you. If you don’t follow me on twitter or Facebook -- please go ahead and find me. I’d love to interact with you during the show… If you’re a regular viewer you’ll know that I’m often caught using my iPad during the show so I can easily be sending you a tweet or comment. We’ve even used our page to give stuff away

Check back here often for my latest posts and remember to join me on my social media feeds. Have a great Monday!  


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Should employers be able to ask applicants for social media log in information?

  • Yes
  • No