Could you run 3 miles?


by Jennifer Tomazic

You might have a different answer when you find out girls as young as 3rd grade are competing in a race this weekend in West Allis.

They are part of Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee. It's an awesome program, that I have the privilege of being a coach for, that teachers girls life lessons through running. At the end of 10 weeks, the girls compete in what is usually their first 5K.

As a runner myself, it's so inspiring to see young girls develop a love for running. From the very first practice, I was so impressed with their eagerness to get to the workout of the day.

Besides running, each Girls on the Run practice has a lesson for the day on everything from healthy eating to helping the community (two other things I am very passionate about).

Girls on the Run is a national program and there are a number of sites at schools, YMCAs, and community centers around Milwaukee. The fall season is wrapping up this weekend with the Girls on the Run Fall 5K at Greenfield Park.

I am so excited to watch my girls cross the finish line! It is an accomplishment that not many adults can say they have done, so way to go Girls on the Run girls!!

For more information on Girls on the Run log onto or watch my story on Girls on the Run:

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