Bush an Unrestricted Free Agent


by Andrew Coughlin

Green Bay Packer Jarrett Bush payed a visit to the CBS 58 newsroom for an in-studio interview promoting the Hero Campaign for the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

I got a chance to speak to him and I briefly mentioned his upcoming free agency. He said it will be a little different from the last time when he was a restricted free agent, which meant the Packers could match any offer he received. In 2009, they did when they matched an offer sheet from the Tennessee Titans. He's been a Special Teams' and defensive asset for the team since. Especially last season during the playoffs, including a big interception in the Super Bowl.

Over the past few seasons he's really come into his own as a defensive back. Which leads me to the question, "Will Ted Thompson resign the unrestricted free agent?". I think most of us can see him leaving and getting a payday from another team, but with Nick Collins' career in jeopardy and Charles Woodson aging and possibly making a transition to safety, I think its safe to say that Thompson is considering Bush as a viable option in the secondary next season and beyond.

The hard part for Thompson will be prioritising his free agents. Jermichael Finley and Scott Wells will certainly be at the top of his list. We will have to wait and see how hard other teams push for Bush's services.

Before leaving the newsroom today, Bush had this to say about his pending free agency, "I hope I'm back (in Green Bay) next season. I really do."

I think players that have played for this team truly enjoy what it has to offer and they know that Green Bay is one of the quality organizations throughout the entire NFL.

One last tidbit about Jarrett Bush. I've met and spoken with my share of athletes and Bush is as down to earth and approachable as any that I've met. It was only one sample, but he did seem like a stand-up individual, genuinely concerned with the charitable cause he was campaigning for.

Note: Jarrett Bush just signed on to join forces with the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. The Hero Campaign is holding a fundraising dinner on April 27th at the Italian Community Center.

For more information go to www.milwaukeearc.org

Packers' Unrestricted Free Agents:

QB Matt Flynn
RB Ryan Grant
TE Jermichael Finley
C Scott Wells
DB Jarrett Bush
DB Pat Lee
DT Howard Green
LB Erik Walden


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