Bucks, Knicks Battle for 8th Seed


by Andrew Coughlin

Lost in all of this insanity of Jeremy Lin is the battle between the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks for the eighth and final spot for the playoffs. I think most people at tonights game at the Bradley Center will be trying to get a glimpse at Lin's skills and not have in mind that this game is an important one for both teams.

This should be a good match for the two starting PGs in this game. It should be a battle. Lin has the size advantage(6'3") over Brandon Jennings(6'0"), but Jennings will have the edge over Lin when it comes to speed and quickness.

Jennings likes the big stage and typically brings his A game when faced with a prime time challenge. I can see both PGs having solid games in every meeting between these two teams this season.

The problem for the Bucks will be defending Amare Stoudemire. The matchup will be him versus the field and Ersan Illyasova, Drew Gooden, Jon Leuer and Larry Sanders will all have difficulty guarding him. We may even see Luc Richard Mbah a Moute on him at some point in the game.

If the Bucks can contain Stoudemire then they will win this game. If he goes off and has a big time night, then it'll be a rough 48 minutes for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Reiterating the Lin/Jennings battle, keep your eyes on it, it should be a good one.


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