Jennings "Learning" from Stephen Jackson?


by Andrew Coughlin

We all know PG Brandon Jennings is the star of this Milwaukee Bucks team. Having a former PG as a Head Coach has been a plus for the young guard. And as injured as Andrew Bogut has been, he is a professional through and through, and his professional approach has rubbed off on Jennings over the past 2 plus seasons.

Say what you will about Stephen Jackson, but when the Bucks traded for him last season all I could remember was, 'Here we go!". Jackson is not as well known for his stellar play as he is for his challenging attitude. He was a key member in the infamous Pistons, Pacers, crowd spill over fight in Detroit back in 2004.

Jackson has been on many teams and teammates apparently love him. Yet, his attitude seems a bit cavalier and its not uncommon to see him unhappy. Actually it is quite the opposite; it seems natural for him to have some sort of chip on his shoulder.

However, this is having an ill effect on the Bucks' young star. The other night, Jackson and Jennings had a little party and Jennings made a point of Tweeting, "I am not a role model." Which is fine to think so, but as a public figure in the lime light with thousands of kids watching you, you are one whether you think so or not. That's just the way it is when you are famous. Jennings is an example for thousands of kids that watch night in and night out.

Conversely, Stephen Jackson is a role model for Jennings whether he likes it or not. What the veteran says and how he acts is an example for the young player whether either of them thinks it is.

Jackson is rubbing off on Jennings. During the 3 game losing streak, Skiles did not have Jennings attention, not the way he normally does and one can attribute that to Jackson being on the bench and not playing as much as he used to.

Jennings spoke out about Jackson's benching due to a DNP - coach's decision. He said, "Just his presence probably could have changed the game, you just never know. Especially a guy like that who has been sitting down for so long. When they're sitting down for so long and they come in, they've always got that spark that can help us.

"I was a little disappointed, just the fact he didn't get a chance to play and I feel he could have done something for us."

Skiles apparently feels Jackson, right now, is a detriment to the chemistry of this team. He has Mike Dunleavy, who's been a pleasant suprise, and Carlos Delfino playing together in a very nice rhythm. He's getting the most he can out of Jon Leuer and Drew Gooden, who's been leading this spark. Insert a pass first, unselfish, score-when-he-needs-to PG and you have a pretty scrappy, successful team.

Jackson is upsetting the harmony of this team and he may be on his way out. If a team out there is willing to take him and his cancerous attitude.


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