Are you sick of the snow... Well, Sorry!


by Tom Durian

The meteorologists here in the CBS58 newsroom are telling us yet another storm is headed our way. Lance Hill said this morning that we could expect anywhere from 3" to 9" across the area.


So here in the newsroom we are preparing... for us that means an early start at 4:30 and most likely extended storm coverage after the scheduled show.

But that aside... are you sick of the snow? Or is it OK with you. I think most people see the calendar switch to March and we think... phew no more snow... but we know here in Wisconsin that means nothing.

So get out the shovels, the salt, and give yourself some extra time tomorrow. We will be there for you... switch us on at 4:30 and keep it tuned to CBS 58 throughout the day.


Here's to thinking of SPRING!!





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