The tradition of Two-Wheel Tuesday in Brookfield

A Wisconsin Harley tradition


by Michele McCormack

BROOKFIELD -- It's the roar that moves you in the right direction. The shine of chrome that makes you smile. And the laughs and friendship that get you to stay.

Custard and puppies and no cages can only mean one thing. Two wheel Tuesdays in Brookfield.

The parking lot of the Culver's and Brookfield is where they gather theses days.

"We started this quite some years ago," Preacher Tim, a Vietnam Veteran told CBS 58 News, " We started at Mel's diner there were about 15 of us. Then we went to Blue Mound a deli that then shut down. So we talked to the Culver's owners when  they were building this place,and they said we could have our two wheel Tuesday here. So, that's how it began and here were are today some years we have any many as 500 bikes in the lot."

We came across Lee McAndrews whose Harley tribute bike is to give the respect to all branches of the military and those who served during the Vietnam Conflict.

"Everything that's been done on this bike is to bring back a focus on the veterans in the 60's," McAndrews tells anchor Michele McCormack, "and the 70's who quite frankly didn't get the best of welcomes when they came home."

Patriotism rings throughout, but also a sense of community.

In fact, non Harley riders are allowed to gather as well.

Enjoy this bonus footage from CBS 58's recent visit. Also, some great patriotic music we found on youtube from Wisconsin band "Madison Rising"


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