Harley-Davidson unveils eight new models


by Tracy Davis

MILWAUKEE -- Harley-Davidson has unveiled eight new motorcycles for 2014. 

The new bikes are the result of Project Rushmore, which is an effort to bring a new level of sophistication to Harley riding. They are more powerful, handle better, and are equipped with a lot of high end perks, including touch screens, Bluetooth technology, GPS, and streaming wireless music.
It's the biggest new-model launch in the company's history, and Harley says customer feedback was a big part of reshaping the brand.
"This is a complete redesign of what are already the best-selling touring motorcycles and we've been listening to our customers and riding with them and learning from them for 110 years. These new bikes under the banner of Project Rushmore really are the culmination of all that learning," says Harley-Davidson employee Matt King.


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