Harley-Davidson Summerfest celebration begins


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Harley Davidson's 110th reunion party now officially underway, and Maier Festival Park serves as home base for the riders over the next few days.  Organizers say at least 130 thousand plus people are expected to attend, and it seems there's no limit as to how far the guests wanted to travel.  

We spoke with people far and wide, like Paulette McIver from Sydney, Australia.  She was here five years ago for Harley's 105th.  Now she's back for more to be with her "extended" family and share Harley stories.  
Cheyenne Fletcher rode from Sierra Vista, Arizona.  According to him it's a stone's throw from Mexico.  Three days and 1850 miles to get here on his new Road Glide he calls Layla.  For him this is so much more than just going the distance.  For him, it's about being free and an American.
And while the journey costs tens of thousands for some, there's no backfire.  No regrets.  It's sheer Harley hog wild fun.  
There's a Harley 110 app you can download.  It'll keep you updated on weather changes and places you can go on the Summerfest grounds to keep you safe.  It has all the information you ever want to know about this Harley reunion as well.  Make sure to go to our "Behind The Chrome" page on our website.  


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